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April 18, 2012
DTS To Buy SRS Labs For About $134 Million

Robbins Umeda LLP AnnouncesAan Investigation Of SRS Labs, Inc.

Faruqi & Faruqi, LLP Announces Investigation Of SRS Labs, Inc.

DTS To Obtain Audio Patents Through Acquisition (Los Angeles Business Journal)

DTS To Acquire SRS Labs For $148 Million (Home Media Magazine)

DTS To Acquire SRS Labs For $148 Million (Home Media Magazine)


Experience The First-Ever Wireless, Interference-Free, 7.1 Loudspeaker System At High End Munich, May 3-6, 2012

Samsung Canada And Cineplex Entertainment Announce The Launch Of The Cineplex Store Application On Samsung Devices

IKEA Moves Into Consumer Electronics With China Venture (Reuters)

IKEA Pounces Into The Consumer Electronics Market With UPPLEVA (

Displaying 1 through 11 of 11 records found.

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Reason #85 Why Readers Love Widescreen Review:

Well, I've always been attracted by the world of pleasures that we can get from good hi-fi systems and more recently by good home theatre equipments. I was only 20 years old (23 years ago) when I bought a pair of Kef 105.4 reference series loudspeakers at $2,000. At that time, I earned only $6,000 a year, and my mother thought I was really crazy to spend so much money. But I have never regretted it and it is the same for all I have bought since then (over $25,000...). More recently, I have discovered your Web Site on the net, and I must tell you that I was very impressed by this incredible DVD search engine. It was not long before I subscribed to your magazine. I have sent your Web Site address to many friends who share my love for home theatre. I'm happy to tell you that they are also very enthusiastic about it. There is nothing that comes close to it. I’m also impressed by the quality of the reviews; in particular the very detailed commentary about sound and picture. I store on my Pocket PC the Picture, DD, DTS and critics rating for all my DVDs (close to 300...). Now, I'm hooked on your magazine (as well as the Web Site), and I can say that I read from cover to cover. I was also impressed with the way you push forward HDTV and in particular, D-VHS. I MUST TELL YOU THAT WE NEED YOU AS MUCH AS YOU NEED US... I appreciate that you are not just doing your job. I can tell that you are really passionate about it, as I am. In fact, if I lived near you, I would love to be part of your team. So, if I had to summarize my thought about why I read Widescreen Review, I would say first that with your magazine and Web Site, I'm much better informed, so I can make smarter equipment and software purchases for my hard-earned money and second but not least, I feel that I am in a modest way, helping you do the work that is important to push forward (faster and better) the wonderful world of home theatre. Keep up the good work. I am a fan from Longueuil (near Montreal.

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