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Issue 238 — April 2019

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Editor's Couch Editor's Couch: CEDIA Best Home Cinema Product Breakdown; CinemaCon 2019; Sony’s First Digital Premium Large Format (PLF) Cinema Auditorium Opens In New Galaxy Theaters Complex; Samsung Continues To Redefine The Movie Theatre Experience With Onyx Cinema LED Screen Expansion; Cinionic Takes Cinema Into The Smart Projection Era; THX Launches World’s First THX Ultimate Cinema; DTS And CJ 4DPlex Alliance Gary Reber Sign In or Subscribe
Custom Home Theatre Design CEDIA Level III And IV Award-Winning Systems Product List Tricia Spears Sign In or Subscribe
Equipment Reviews VIZIO PQ65-F1 P-Quantum UHD/HDR SmartTV Doug Blackburn Sign In or Subscribe
Your Home Theatre Streaming vs. Downloading vs. HD And 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc Doug Blackburn Sign In or Subscribe
Insider Industry View More, Better, Faster Pixels Joe Kane Sign In or Subscribe
Your Home Theatre How To Read Motion Picture Credits Michael Hayes Sign In or Subscribe
Blu-ray Reviews 21 Blu-ray Disc and Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc Reviews Sign In or Subscribe