Theta Digital Casablanca Announces New Balanced Analog I/O Card

June 10, 2024


Press Release

Theta Digital, a division of Amplifier Technologies, Inc., has announces the introduction of the new Reference Balanced Analog Input Board for the

renowned Casablanca processor.

The Reference Balanced Analog Input Board will become a standard component in all new Casablanca VA units and Casablanca VA upgrade kits.

The new card is compatible with all generations of Casablancas from the III HD to the V edition.

This card will significantly advance the level of analog performance of the Casablanca processors over previous versions, with the addition of ultra-low noise differential-balanced inputs, higher bit-rate A-D conversion, lower distortion and improved signal-to-noise performance across all specifications.

A complete specification sheet can be read or downloaded here:

The Reference Balanced Analog Input Board is now shipping with a MSRP of $1,995.00.

Please reach out to or telephone (323) 278-0001 for further information.