8K Association Highlights VVC Encoding With High Quality And Low Bitrates

May 9, 2024

Press Release

The 8K Association, with support from Intel, Spin Digital and Samsung, was demonstrating 8K encoded in VVC on a Samsung 85” Neo QLED set which drew many admiring glances. The content was being played back on a PC that was not so powerful but looked very good. What was really surprising to visitors was that the encoding had been done based on perceptual image quality, using the Spin Digital encoder. The bit rate varied according to the complexity of the content and ranged from around 5 Mbps to about 50Mbps for the most complex scenes that, for example, showed the crowd in Olympic sports events.

Overall, the average bit rate was around 30 Mbps which is the ‘State of the Art’ for VVC. That’s important as CDNs can start to struggle at around 80 Mbps and start to seriously fail at 100 Mbps, which were the first levels of bit rates when 8K was first created by NHK. The output of the demonstrations on the 8KA booth was at 60 fps and in HDR with 10 bit color.