AWOL Vision Introduces The World's Largest Seamless Premium ALR Screen

March 22, 2024

Press Release

132" Cinematic Screen Highlight
  • The world's Largest seamless Lenticular ALR screen: 
    Most Lenticular screens over 120 "use multiple screens to achieve the form of splicing, but this can cause color differences when watching movies due to seam line. Our ALR-C132, revolutionizes the industry with its groundbreaking technology and eliminates color differences caused by seam lines in traditional spliced screens. Enjoy an enhanced immersive viewing experience like never before.
  • 80% lmage Quality Improvement?
    Our cinematic ALR screen utilizes the latest optimized lenticular material (HBSP) for higher contrast, resulting in a 20% gain increase compared to regular CBSP ALR screens on the market. This leads to an 80% improvement in image quality.
  • Overcoming ceiling light effortlessly: 
    Our Ceiling-Light Rejecting material absorbs 95% of overhead lighting, while its micro-cirriform optical structure filters out ceiling light for superior picture quality.