Analog Audio Design Tape Deck TP-1000

March 15, 2024

Press Release


A NEW tape-recorder from France at the SouthWest Audiofest in Dallas TX 

A new tape machine to playback the wonderful one-off duplicate masters from many companies e.g. Genesis Advanced Technologies’ collection from Bernie Grundman. An innovative development to handle priceless master tapes and faithfully reproduce the musical event.

Analog Audio Design

Was founded 5 years ago by Christophe Martinez in the Western province of France. Inspired by the previous giants of the tape-recorder industry, M. Martinez has undertaken to further improve tape-recorder performance. All mechanical parts and designs are made in their French factory.

Significant design features;

•              Take-up reels are belt driven by low torque Swiss made DC motors

•              Capstan is flywheel stabilized and belt driven by a low torque DC motor

•              Constant tape tension controlled by a unique strain-gauge microprocessor-controlled design that maintains voltage within 1ms with an accuracy of 0.5gr.

•              Touchscreen/VU meter display for all playback parameters including an optional RC.

•              Ethernet interface/RJ45 so that the TP-1000 can be controlled by a smartphone or tablet via WIFI. The integrated web server enables internal firmware and external maintenance.

Price: $27,000