DPL Labs® Certifies Ethereal EHV-HDUP and MHY-LUHDME HDMI Cables Under Newly Updated 48G Reference Standard Testing Program And The International CISPR32 Emissions Standard

January 25, 2024

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DPL Laboratories, Inc., the industry’s leading digital testing laboratory specializing in the performance assessment of digital signal connectivity products such as HDMI and USB cables, announced today that it has awarded its prestigious 48G Reference Standard Certification ® to the Ethereal EHV-HDUP and MHY-LUHDME HDMI cable line up. This most recent DPL Labs® 48G testing process pushes cables that claim a full 8K and 10K video resolution. Each cable is stressed to its absolute limit which allows each cable total immunity to Link Training. With this latest achievement Ethereal continues to be one of the few high performers in the industry.

Ethereal, based in Holly Hill, Florida, USA, was one of the first brands that took the DPL Labs® challenge over a decade ago and continues its passion and commitment to customers and integrators alike. Meeting and exceeding DPL’s 48G Reference Standard Program™ which also means total emissions protection using industry media emissions standard International CISPR32 Emissions requirement.


“DPL Labs® 48G certification is further proof that Ethereal cables represent the apex of performance and reliability,” said  Ethereal General Manager Jessy Crabb. “We have been working with DPL Labs® for development and testing from the very beginning. DPL's resources are endless and provides us with insight and understanding as High-Speed signal levels increase.

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DPL Labs® Certification Program was created to assist cable buyers, both consumer and industry, in selecting the best performing and most reliable HDMI cables available. Last year DPL Labs® updated its testing process to consider the latest revisions in the HDMI specification and requirements for emission standards. Certain visionary cable brands submit their cables to be put through rigorous, multi-stage testing. All testing is done by specially trained DPL Labs®engineers in our completely independent testing laboratory.

DPL Certification Label ExampleThose cables that meet or exceed DPL Labs® standard of excellence are cables that offer far better performance and longer term reliability than “typical” HDMI cables. These cables, and only these cables, are awarded the prestigious DPL 48G Reference Standard – an easily recognizable registered trademark label that instantly identifies those products that have surpassed DPL standards. Look for the certification label for quality, reliable products.

“Only the Best Pass the Test”

Dealers, installers, and consumers rely upon the DPL Certification Label as their assurance of quality, reliable product performance.

To see a continuously updated list of participating manufacturers, or to get more details on this program, see online at: or call 386/615-2324.