Audio Excellence Introduces The Solo 1 Loudspeaker

September 12, 2023

Press Release The SOLO 1 is the simplest loudspeaker in the Audio Excellence range. It is a dual-concentric (also called “coaxial”) design that provides the advantage of a seamless transition at the crossover frequency. As a result, this loudspeaker provides a smooth and extremely intelligible sound, consistent in any direction. It can be used as a front channel, surround, 2-channel hi-fi, ceiling and even monitoring loudspeaker. Some features: • Dimensions: 280 x 367 x 90 mm • Frequency response: 70 Hz-20 kHz • Sensitivity: 90 dB/1W/1m • Impedance: 8 Ohms • Max. SPL: 110 db @ 1m According to Audio Excellence, if you try it, you will enjoy its realistic and delicate sound rendition. Use it either on its own or coupled to a subwoofer for a full-range experience.