Bag End IPD10E-I Infrasubs Deliver The Sound in CAE’s Military Flight Simulators

March 21, 2023

Press Release

CAE acquired, L3 Harris’s Military Training Business. L3 used Bag End IPD10E-I’s in their TOFT
(Tactical Operational Flight Training) systems. CAE continues with the use of Bag End’s highly
reliable, low frequency subwoofers in their DRAGON E-3A flight simulators.

“CAE has supported the training of NATO E-3A aircrews for almost 40 years, and these
simulators continue to play a key role helping ensure the readiness of the E-3A aircrews from 16
nations who carry out a range of critical missions,” said Marc-Olivier Sabourin, Vice President
and General Manager, Defense & Security International, CAE.

Located behind the pilot, each simulator contains a custom, rugged, powered, double 10′′ low
frequency system. This Infra processed, self powered, system provides a realistic audio
experience during training operations. Bag End has been used in L3’s flight simulators for many
years. We are proud to continue to be of service.

The Bag End IPD10E-I, is well known for its accuracy and extended frequency response. It is
the subwoofer of choice, with over 100 in use, to provide life-like low frequency information to
the pilot.

Bag End manufactures a full line of passive and self powered loudspeaker systems and both analog and
digital system processors.

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BAG END Loudspeakers is entering its fifth decade of manufacturing professional quality loudspeaker
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