LG Elevates Listening Experience to New Heights With Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and World’s First Center Up-firing Speaker

June 23, 2022

Press Release

LG Electronics USA announced U.S. pricing and availability of its 2022 LG Sound Bar lineup, delivering a more premium audio experience, with accurate, immersive sound for home cinema, music and gaming. The new lineup combines high-quality audio, easy connectivity, smart functionality and modern aesthetics that are designed to complement LG’s TVs and works well with any décor.  

The new LG Sound Bar models -- the flagship S95QRS90QY, S80QR, S80QY, S75Q and S65Q – are now available via and select authorized LG dealers nationwide.  

The 2022 LG Sound Bar lineup is led by the premium 9.1.5ch S95QR featuring five up-firing units including the world’s first center up-firing speaker (three on the sound bar and two in the separate rear speakers) delivering improved height perspective and dialog clarity. The S90QY , S80QY and S80QR models also feature up-firing center channel speakers.  The S95QR also includes rear up-firing speakers while the S90QY and S80QY support optional SPQ8 (2.0ch) rear speaker kit (sold separately).
Select 2022 LG Sound bars support both Dolby Atmos and DTS:X (S95QR, S90QY, S80QY, S80QR, S75Q) with up-firing speakers for dynamic three-dimensional audio. They also support pass-through of Dolby Vision as well as HDMI 2.1's VRR and ALLM1. Other features include improved room calibration, compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, HDMI eARC, and TV Sound Mode Share with compatible LG TVs.












9.1.5 Channel


5.1.3 Channel


3.1.3 Channel


3.1.2 Channel


3.1 Channel

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The perfect choice for movie lovers looking to elevate their home cinema experience, the S95QR’s center up-firing speaker delivers critically important clearer dialogue and makes Dolby Atmos and DTS:X content even more immersive. 
The LG S95QR features several key enhancements, most notably a boost in performance of the new speaker drivers, speaker chambers and subwoofer. The larger woofers deliver premium audio quality with deeper, resonant bass emulating the immersive sound system of a cinema for an experience you not only hear but also feel. For 2022, LG upgraded the wireless rear speakers of its premium sound bar setup from four channels to six, with four front/side drivers to accompany the two up-firing drivers. An improvement over other speakers in this space, the rear speakers of the LG S95QR are designed to distribute sound evenly across a wide 135-degree space, giving customers more speaker placement and angle flexibility, especially beneficial for smaller rooms.
The sound bar features an improved transmitter and receiver that allows for increased distance between the sound bar, accompanying subwoofer, and rear speakers without sacrificing sound quality. With a more stable wireless connection, the LG S95QR eliminates drops or lags in audio output for distraction-free viewing and listening. 

When it comes to performance, LG’s 2022 sound bars inherit all the strengths of their predecessors with many of the new models (S95QR, S90QY, S80QY, S80QR, S75Q, S65Q) featuring Meridian Audio tuning and Meridian technology, for an exceptionally authentic listening experience.  In Music Mode, Meridian Horizon technology up-mixes two channel stereo content into immersive, multichannel audio to provide audiences with a truly immersive listening experience regardless of their location in the room.

LG Sound Bars are a superb solution for music lovers and gamers alike.  The LG S95QR, S90QY, S80QY, S80QR sound bars feature variable refresh rate (VRR) and auto low latency mode (ALLM) -- a must-have for console gamers who demand that the onscreen action and the audio be in perfect sync.1 
New for 2022 is the LG Wowcast (wideband audio on wireless) lossless multi-channel audio dongle2 (purchased separately) which allows for a wireless connection from any TV with an HDMI ARC/eARC port to an LG wi-fi enabled sound bar (S95QR, S90QY,S80QY, S80QR) for lossless and uncompressed up to 7.1.4 channel sound.

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