Sutherland AV Marketing Announces Release Of ASCENDO CCM10-P High-Performance Monitor Loudspeaker

June 3, 2022

Press Release

SUTHERLAND AV MARKETING, owned by industry veteran Todd Sutherland, today announced the release of ASCENDO’s new Coax Monitor Loudspeaker, CCM10-P.

ASCENDO's Time-coherent Coax One-Point-Source CCM10-P Passive Monitor boasts 97dB / 1w/m efficiency, 500W power handling and 120dB continuous output capability, in a shallow cabinet only 5.7” deep. The CCM10-P features a 1” compression driver in the center of its 10” woofer, delivering all the technological benefits of a Coaxial design loudspeaker:

perfect transient response and highest intelligibility

the drivers on the same axis, thus providing a single point source for a consistent acoustic centre

symmetry of response on both the horizontal and vertical axis, at any given angle

the crossover transition is seamless (inaudible) at all angles (yielding seat-to-seat consistency)

“Out of the gate, the new CCM10-P at $2200 MSRP is already extremely popular with integrators as either screen channels in more affordable theaters, or as surround and height channels in our large theater projects,” states Todd Sutherland principal of Sutherland AV Marketing. “ASCENDO continues to release compelling options for integrators separating themselves from marketing hype and serious about delivering data-driven, predictable results for their clients. With Spinorama CEA2034 data for every speaker in the ASCENDO line, and working with CEDIA, The Cinema Designer, HTA, and other industry professionals, we’re on a mission to help educate integrators and clients.”

To learn more about ASCENDO’s active and passive speakers, amplifiers and subwoofers, please visit them at or contact Todd Sutherland