Trinnov Audio And ICEpower Release Amplitude16 High Channel Count Amplifier

October 10, 2021


Trinnov Audio Amplitude16Trinnov Audio announced the release of a new high-channel-count power amplifier, the Amplitude16. The Amplitude16 was designed in partnership with ICEpower. It maximizes the performance of their class D modules to deliver high-quality sound and an immersive experience in a compact form.

Features of the Amplitude16 include:

  • Dual Tascam pinout DB25 connectors.
  • Two eight-channel amplifiers on a single 3RU chassis.
  • Dual power supplies, each requiring its own 15A AC mains power inlet.
  • Front panel LED display identifies normal operation, channel clipping, protection and bridge status.
  • Trigger inputs and outputs to power on the amplifier and to daisy-chain other amplifiers in the system.
  • Optional Dante input board for connecting the amplifier to any Altitude processor via a network switch.

The Amplitude16 allows the integrator to bridge pairs of amplifier channels to increase available power for specific outputs. This enables users to maximize power for the channels with the greatest demand (e.g., left, center and right screen channels). Its base model is a 16-channel power amplifier with a continuous power rating of 200W/channel at 8 ohms and 400W/channel at 4 ohms. In bridged mode, the power for one channel increases to 800W/channel at 8 ohms and over 1,000W/channel at 4 ohms.

The input sensitivity of the Amplitude16 is matched to the output level of Trinnov’s Altitude audio-video processors, maximizing the system’s signal-to-noise ratio and dynamic range. Signal-to-noise performance is typically improved from 6 to 8 dB compared to power amplifiers with conventional input sensitivity.