Earthquake Sound Introduces MiniMe DSP 15 Subwoofer

June 8, 2021

Press Release

FF-15 and P-15

Expanding on the great MiniMe series of home theater subwoofers, the all new MiniMe DSP 15 utilizes Earthquake’s advanced class “D” circuitry with over 90% efficiency plus the added benefits of DSP control through mobile devices. Complicated and professional room tuning is now possible right at your finger tips through a mobile app allowing the user to dial the subwoofer in exactly to the room.

In order to optimize sound and clarity on a subwoofer, it must be tuned properly to its environment. Through an automated room correction process that the iWoofer™ Pro app offers, you will get the customized performance that you deserve and achieve the maximum amount of SPL with a more linear response for your home theater.

When it comes to elegance and performance, the MiniMe DSP 15 has set the bar and will dish out room rumbling bass for your home theater enjoyment.


Available in Front Firing and Passive Versions