Next Level Acoustics Launches New Sub 3h Fusion S3 Soundbar

May 10, 2021

Press Release

Next Level Acoustics, known for audiophile quality American-made custom-install speakers, Fusion soundbars and Elite Series enclosures, is now shipping their 2021 Fusion Frame Slim soundbar created to pair with the new thinner 2021 Samsung The Frame TV.

The Fusion Frame Slim was created by the master engineers at Next Level Acoustics to compliment the ultra- low depth of the New 2021 Samsung “The Frame” series of displays. At only 1.25″ of exposed depth, using our flush mount collar system, not only does the Fusion Frame Slim provide exceptional sound quality and room filling dynamics, but it perfectly complements the look and feel of what makes the Samsung “The Frame” series so popular. Choose from a variety of framing color options including standard Black, White, Walnut, and Teak, as well as custom paint match.

? Ultra-low 1.25″ of exposed depth
? 1.75″ of total air-load depth
? Hybrid on-wall / in-wall design
? Flush collar system
? Extraordinary acoustical dynamics and clarity
? Proprietary driver and crossover configuration
? Seamless framed finish to mimic the Samsung “The Frame” aesthetics
? Black acoustic mesh grille standard (additional options available)
? 55″, 65″, 75″ (Stereo) / 55″, 65″, 75″ (LCR)
? Available in Black, White, Walnut/Brown, and Teak frame finishes, as well as custom paint match
? Additional sizes available upon request
? Ranges from $1499 - $2999 depending upon size and options.