WSR Detailed LaserDisc Review

Dirty Harry
Genre:Action Adventure

Reviewed In Issue 32 Of Widescreen Review® Stars:
Clint Eastwood, Harry Guardino, Rene Santoni, Andy Robinson, John Larch, John Vernon

WSR Review Scores
Picture Rating: 2.5
Sound Rating: 3.5
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DVD General Information
(Studio/Distributor): Warner Home Video
(Catalog Number): 16746
(MPAA Rating): R
(Retail Price): $29.98
(Running Time In Minutes): 102
(Color Type): Color
(Chaptered/Scene Access): Yes
(Closed Captioned): Yes
(Theatrical Release): 1971
(LD Release Date): 1/99
(THX® Digitally Mastered): No

Credits Information
(Director): Don Siegel
(Screenplay/Written By): Harry Julian Fink & R.M. Fink & Dean Riesner
(Story): Harry Julian Fink & R.M. Fink
(Music): Lalo Schifrin
(Director Of Photography):
(Production Designer): Dale Hennesy
(Visual Effects):
(Costume Designer):
(Editor): Carl Pingitore
(Supervising Sound Editors):
(Re-Recording Mixers):
(Executive Producers): Robert Daley
(Producers): Don Siegel

DVD Picture Information
(Principal Photography): Panavision
(Theatrical Aspect Ratio): 2.40:1
(Measured LaserDisc Aspect Ratio): 2.45:1

DVD Sound Information
(DVD Soundtrack): Dolby Digital Surround
(Theatrical Sound): Mag Stereo
(Theatrical Re-Issue Soundtrack):
(Remastered Dolby Digital): Yes
(Remastered DTS Digital Surround): No
(Additional Languages):

WSR Narrative Review
Story Synopsis:
Filmed on location in San Francisco, Dirty Harry is a riveting action thriller dedicated to the police officers “who gave their lives in the line of duty.” Harry Callahan (Clint Eastwood) is a tough, streetwise cop assigned to find a vicious rooftop sniper, known as Scorpio (Andy Robinson), who is demanding a ransom with the threat of killing again. Callahan’s desperation to catch the ruthless killer leads him to disregard the Bill Of Rights—and their cat-and-mouse game becomes even more deadly.

LaserDisc Picture:
The LaserDisc appears more washed out when compared to the anamorphically enhanced DVD reviewed in Issue 28. While the DVD was generally solid, with only minor motion artifacts and compression pixelization, the LaserDisc is excessively noisy. Color fidelity is somewhat bland and wanting in natural openness and clarity. The picture is framed at 2.45:1.

LaserDisc Soundtrack:
The Dolby® Digital 5.1 discrete soundtrack is the same as the DVD soundtrack. Surround is both effectively aggressive and subtle, but fidelity is dated. Bass is generally well defined, and sound effects are occasionally directional, but fidelity is sometimes harsh.
(Surround Bass Below 50Hz): No
(Aggressive System Surround): Yes
(Intense 25Hz Bass): No
(Deep Bass Challenging): No
(Aggressive 0.1 LFE):
(Holosonic Soundfield): No
(Aggressive Split Surround): No
(Center Back Surround Imaging): No
(Directionalized Dialogue): No
Superb Sound Effects Recording Quality:
Superb Music Score Recording Quality:
Superb Special Visual Effects Quality:
Superb Color Fidelity:
Superb Cinematography:
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