WSR Detailed LaserDisc Review

English Patient, The

Reviewed In Issue 26 Of Widescreen Review® Stars:
Ralph Fiennes, Juliette Binoche, Willem Dafoe, Kristen Scott Thomas, Naveen Andrews, Colin Firth, Julian Wadham & Jürgen Prochnow

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Picture Rating: 5
Sound Rating: 5
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DVD General Information
(Studio/Distributor): Criterion Collection
(Catalog Number): CC1487L
(MPAA Rating): R
(Retail Price): $99.96
(Running Time In Minutes): 162
(Color Type): Color
(Chaptered/Scene Access): Yes
(Closed Captioned): Yes
(Theatrical Release): 1996
(LD Release Date): 10/97
(THX® Digitally Mastered): Yes

Credits Information
(Director): Anthony Minghella
(Screenplay/Written By): Anthony Minghella
(Story): NA
(Music): Gabriel Yared
(Director Of Photography):
(Production Designer): Stuart Craig
(Visual Effects): Digital Film
(Costume Designer): Ann Roth
(Editor): Walter Murch, ACE
(Supervising Sound Editors): Pat Jackson
(Re-Recording Mixers):
(Executive Producers): Bob Weinstein, Harvey Weinstein & Scott Greenstein
(Co-Producers): NA
(Producers): Saul Zaentz

DVD Picture Information
(Principal Photography): Academy Standard Flat
(Theatrical Aspect Ratio): 1.85:1
(Measured LaserDisc Aspect Ratio): 1.85:1

DVD Sound Information
(DVD Soundtrack): Dolby Digital
(Theatrical Sound): Dolby Digital
(Theatrical Re-Issue Soundtrack):
(Remastered Dolby Digital): No
(Remastered DTS Digital Surround): No
(Additional Languages):

WSR Narrative Review
Story Synopsis:
Winner of nine Academy Awards® including Best Picture, and based on the book by Michael Ondaatje, The English Patient is a tale of adventure, intrigue and passion. When a mysterious stranger is rescued from a plane crash, his identity is slowly revealed through flashbacks, and the secrets of war are unlocked. Ralph Fiennes stars as Count Laszlo de Almasy, burned to near death in the fiery accident and left in the care of a loving nurse (Best Supporting Actress Oscar® winner Juliette Binoche). His is a complex story, and the dying man gradually remembers his illicit love affair with the married Katherine Clifton (Kristen Scott Thomas) and the disastrous outcome of their relationship.

LaserDisc Picture:
The THX®-quality assured picture on all three editions, matted at 1.85:1, exhibits excellent quality throughout with stunning cinematography by Academy Award®-winner John Seale, ACS. The Criterion edition succeeds at rendering reference quality.

LaserDisc Soundtrack:
The sound design is beautifully executed with the Dolby® Digital and DTS® Digital Surround sounding preferably spatially discrete and rendering a wider soundstage compared to the matrix PCM soundtrack. Dialogue rendering is excellent. Surround ambiance and discrete presence is finely resolved on the DTS version.
(Surround Bass Below 50Hz): No
(Aggressive System Surround): No
(Intense 25Hz Bass): No
(Deep Bass Challenging): No
(Aggressive 0.1 LFE):
(Holosonic Soundfield): No
(Aggressive Split Surround): No
(Center Back Surround Imaging): No
(Directionalized Dialogue): No
Superb Sound Effects Recording Quality:
Superb Music Score Recording Quality:
Superb Special Visual Effects Quality:
Superb Color Fidelity:
Superb Cinematography:
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