One Six Right

Featured In Issue 123, September 2007

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Terwilliger Productions
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Brian J. Terwilliger
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Sit back and soar into the vast blue yonder, and learn about the busiest general aviation airport in the world...the Van Nuys Airport in California. You will be amazed at the facts learned from this documentary, like Van Nuys has planes taking off or landing every 45 seconds during the day, making it busier than England's Heathrow Airport. And when you hear the controller announce, "Clear to land on One Six Right," you know you're safe, you know you're home. This airport is also home to actor/pilot Sydney Pollack. (Jack Kelley)

Secial features include: five featurettes: Flight at four minutes, The Joyride II in a minute, two-and-a-half minutes of Childhood Dreams, three minutes up in the clouds in They Call 'Em Clouds, and less than two minutes in Old Helmet & Goggles; some historical photos and production stills; and three deleted scenes. Additionally, the HD DVD includes the following high-definition special features: three-minute aerial footage featurette Into the Clouds; The Joy Ride III, which is a one and a half minute aerial stunt footage featurette; and Movie Montage, a 13-minute montage of footage from the film.

The anamorphically enhanced 1.78:1 DVD shows vibrant, well-balanced colors and natural contrast, with well-rendered details and good shadow delineation. There are times in the interview segments where the subjects can look washed out, and generally all of them look slightly too pink-skinned. Edge enhancement is a major problem and can really butcher many scenes. Original material and photographs look very good in the MPEG-2-encoded HD DVD. Details are generally captured well, and the dimensionality of the images looks very natural. There are times when fine lines can show moiré artifacts, but it is not overly distracting. (Danny Richelieu)

The Dolby® Digital 5.1-channel soundtrack generally sounds good, but the mix is typical of most documentaries. Dialogue is recorded well for the most part, but there are times when it can sound harsh and edgy. Music is generally mixed into just the corner full-range channels, with little imaging between the front two channels and little contribution from the surround channels. The HD DVD's Dolby Digital Plus encoding provides the same mix and dialogue intelligibility, with slightly improved dynamics and fidelity over the DVD's encoding. Still, the soundtrack is limited. (Danny Richelieu)