Featured In Issue 116, January 2007

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Universal Studios Home Entertainment
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For strong horror violence and gore, and language
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Dual Side/Dual Layer (HD DVD30/DVD9)
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Not Indicated
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James Gunn
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(Visual Effects):
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(Executive Producers):
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Dolby Digital+ 5.1
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After his wife Starla (Banks) refuses his advances one night, Grant Grant (Rooker) goes to the local bar for a nightcap. Heading out to the woods with Brenda (Brenda James) the floozy, Grant discovers a strange meteor that has fallen from the sky. When the thing attacks and stings Grant, he turns into a meat-loving monster with strange tentacles that Slither out of his chest. And it isn't long before slimy slugs are crawling everywhere and taking over the town. (Tricia Spears)

My Scenes (where you create a list of your favorite scenes) is the only special feature on the hi-def side. Special features on the standard-definition side are the same as those found on the standard-definition disc (go figure), and include commentary with Director James Gunn and Actor Nathan Fillion, eight deleted scenes with optional commentary by Gunn, the nine-minute video diary of The King Of Cult: Lloyd Kaufman, a 19-minute Bringing Slither's Creatures To Life featurette, a three-minute The Gorehound Grill: Brewin' The Blood featurette, a ten-minute The Sick Minds And Slimy Days Of Slither featurette, an eight-minute gag reel, the five-minute documentary Who Is Bill Pardy?, four extended scenes with optional commentary by Gunn, a five-minute Slithery Set Tour With Nathan Fillion featurette, a five-minute Visual Effects: Step By Step featurette, and up-front ads.

The VC-1-encoded 1.85:1 HD DVD is captured well, with fine details like facial hair stubble and mist in the air depicted nicely. Blacks are not as deep as they should be, and shadow delineation is slightly lacking. (Danny Richelieu)

The Dolbyģ Digital Plus 5.1-channel encoding is fairly basic, even though each channel is incorporated faithfully throughout the presentation. The front stage is deep and wide, but true surround imaging is limited. (Danny Richelieu)