Meet The Robinsons 3D

Featured In Issue 163, January 2012

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Walt Disney Home Entertainment
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Stephen Anderson
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Orphaned as a baby, Lewis (Hansen, Fry) longs to find the family he has never known. His search takes an unexpected turn when a mysterious stranger transports him into the future to "Meet The Robinsons," and he finds the fate of the world rests in his hands. Based upon William Joyce's book "A Day With Wilbur Robinson." (Stacey Pendry)

Special features include commentary with Director Stephen Anderson; the featurettes "Inventing The Robinsons" (HD 17:59) and "Keep Moving Forward: Inventions That Shaped The World" (HD 06:25); deleted scenes, including an alternate ending; the "Bowler Hat Barrage!" game; the "Family Function 5000: Family Tree Game"; two music videos: "Kids Of The Future" by Jonas Brothers and "Little Wonders" by Rob Thomas; a movie showcase; and up-front ads. The three-disc set includes a Blu-ray™ 3D, a Blu-ray Disc™, and a DVD.

The computer animated anamorphically enhanced 1.78:1 DVD reviewed in Issue 126 showed very good detail and depth of field, and while the image could look digitized at times, generally, it was very smooth and crisp. Colors were bold and vibrant, and the imagery could look very detailed and clean. Blacks were not overly deep, however, but details in the darker scenes were impressively rendered. The 1080p AVC-encoded Blu-ray Disc also reviewed in Issue 126 picked up right where the DVD left off, adding great high-resolution detail and maintaining the fantastic image depth and dimensionality. Colors were even more impressively deep and vibrant. The new 1080p MVC picture is the 3-D rendering of that release and delivers an impressive vivid looking presentation. Dimensional depth and perspective is excellent and exhibits naturally volumetric shaping of animated figures. The imagery looks absolutely convincing and consistent in terms of dimensional accuracy. The foreground and background imagery primarily occurs in the positive parallax realm, with minimal rendering in the negative parallax out-out-screen dimension. As with the 2-D presentation resolution, color fidelity, contrast, black level, and shadow delineation are impressive, which translates to a very vivid and warmly hued presentation. Artifacts, including crosstalk ghosting, are virtually nil. The 3-D dimensionality totally enhances the visual experience with segments that are eye-catching and mesmerizing. This is yet another successful Disney 3-D release, and though older relatively, the experience is wonderfully gratifying and reference quality. (Gary Reber)

The previously reviewed DVD's Dolby® Digital 5.1-channel soundtrack featured a broad frontal stage with very good depth. Unfortunately, the surround channels were often used at levels much lower than the center channel, which occasionally dominated the entire soundstage. Music was mixed well, and imaging across the front stage could be impressive. Phantom imaging in the surround stage could also be impressive but is not consistently delivered. Dialogue was often spread across each of the front three screen channels, and somewhat poor timing gave the dialogue a strange echo at times. Deep bass was delivered well using each of the available channels and could be hard hitting and articulate, dropping down below 30 Hz in the more intense scenes. As with the DVD's uncompressed linear PCM 5.1-channel soundtrack, the remastered DTS-HD Master Audio™ 5.1-channel soundtrack delivers impressive fidelity and dynamics, but the mix exhibits the same limitations as the DVD. Still, this is the reference mix for this classic and will definitely please. (Gary Reber)