Full Body Massage

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Single Side, Dual Layer (BD-50)
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Nicholas Roeg
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PCM 24/48 2.0
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In "Full Body Massage," Nina (Mimi Rogers), a successful but world weary art dealer, is surprised to find that her regular masseur has sent a substitute, Fitch (Bryan Brown), to continue her weekly massage sessions. Fitch's therapeutic caresses, while charged with sexual tension, gain emotional significance as the opinionated pair first clash, and then bond while relaying thoughtful meditation on intimacy and human relationships. Free to discuss her life, hopes and failures, Nina is liberated from her confused world, indulging in a strange, erotic mysticism with her handy muse. (Gary Reber)

Special features include the featurettes "Full Body Massage" (HD 01:26), "Tokyo Decadence" (HD 01:13) Nightwish" (HD 01:38), image gallery and trailers.

The 1.66:1 1080p AVC picture, reviewed on a VIZIO Quantum X P85QX-JI UHD/HDR display, was photographed on 35 mm film stock using Panavision cameras and sourced from a 2K Digital Intermediate. Picture quality is excellent with a war and rich color palette with nicely saturated hues. The interior of Nina's home is captured perfectly with clean and sharp imagery throughout. Flesh tones are absolutely perfectly natural. Contrast is superb as well with natural black levels, revealing shadow delineation and well balanced white levels. Resolution is superb with fine detail exhibited throughout. Facial features are finely detailed in terms of skin pores, lines, complexions and hair. Clothing is textured and objects and structural components of the house appear sharp. This is a compelling and pleasing visual experience that is well crafted. An upscaled TV version of the film is included as a bonus feature (Gary Reber)

The LPCM 2.0 stereo soundtrack is dialogue focused with an accompanying well-recorded jazz and orchestral score. Dialogue is generally effectively integrated spatially and intelligible throughout. The stereo soundstage is wide and creates a realistic setting. This is a well-crafted and satisfying soundtrack. (Gary Reber)