Flatliners 4K Ultra HD

Featured In Issue 262, July/August

WSR Score4.5
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"Flatliners" tackles the existential question that, at one time or another, haunts us all: what awaits us after we die? At the University Hospital School of Medicine, five ambitious students subject themselves to a daring experiment: to temporarily induce their own deaths, hoping to glimpse the afterlife before being brought back to life. But as competition within the group intensifies and their visions of the world beyond increasingly bleed into their waking lives, they're about to learn that the greatest threat comes not from the spirit world but from the long-suppressed secrets of their own pasts. (Gary Reber)

Special features include commentary by critics Bryan Reesman and Max Evry; six featurettes: "Atonement" (HD 11:35), "Dressing For Character" (HD 06:26), "Restoration" (HD 10:47), "Hereafter" (HD 14:22), "Vision Of Light" (HD 18:23) and "The Conquest Of Our Generation" (HD 19:11); image gallery; reversible sleeve; theatrical trailer and a 36-page illustrated collector' booklet featuring new writing on the film by Amanda Reyes and Peter Tonguette.

The 2:39.1 2160p HEVC/H.265 Ultra HD Dolby Vision/HDR10 picture, reviewed on a Sony Bravia Z9D 4K Ultra HD HDR display, was photographed on Eastman film stock in anamorphic Panavision® using the Panavision Panaflex Platinum camera system and sourced from a restored 4K master Digital Intermediate format with color approval by cinematographer Jan De Bont. The picture exhibits a warm and rich color palette with excellent gradation of hues. Production design and lighting are wonderful with a stylistic dark appearance, Colors are nicely saturated. Flesh tones are perfectly natural. HDR contrast is superb with deep blacks, revealing shadow delineation and brilliant white levels. Numerous scenes are in low light environments but picture quality is excellent. Resolution is revealing of fine detail throughout, especially during closeups.The black-and-white gray scale is sharp and clear as well. Other flatline hallucinatory experiences are at times far more soft visually. This is a very fine visual experience with dramatic imagery that should be a fan favorite. (Gary Reber)

The DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1-channel soundtrack is a restoration sourced from the original 35mm LCRS stereo magnetic tracks. There is also a DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0 audio option. The repurposed 5.1-channel soundtrack is dynamic sounding with energized sound effects. Atmospherics are realistic and generally subtle. The James Newton Howard orchestral/choral score is quite dynamic and at times rhythmic with pounding bass. The music is comprised of a wide and deep soundstage that aggressively envelops the surround field. At times there are panning effects and discrete placement of effects in some of the hallucinatory moments. Dialogue is the focus and is intelligible with good spatial integration. This is a nicely crafted enveloping holosonic® soundtrack. (Gary Reber)