Candyman 4K Ultra HD

Featured In Issue 259, January/February 2022

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Universal Studios Home Entertainment
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Bloody horror violence, and language including some sexual references
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Single Side, Dual Layer (BD-66)
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Nia DaCosta
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Dolby Atmos, Dolby TrueHD 7.1
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"Candyman" is set in the housing projects of Chicago's Cabrini-Green, which for decades were terrorized by a ghost story about a supernatural, hook-handed killer. In present day, a visual
artist (Yahya Abdul-Mateen) begins to explore the macabre history of Candyman, not knowing it would unravel his sanity and unleash a terrifying wave of violence that puts him on a collision course with destiny. (Gary Reber)

Special features include an alternate ending (HD 02:38); three deleted and extended scenes (HD 05:52); seven featurettes: "Say My Name" (HD 06:45), "Body Horror" (HD 06:22), "The Filmmaker's Eye: Nia DaCosta" (HD 04:48), "Painting Chaos" (HD 07:17), "The Art Of Robert Aiki Aubbey Lowe" (HD 04:54), "Terror In The Shadows" (HD 04:09) and "Candyman: The Impact Of Black Horror" (HD 20:24); upfront previews and a Movies Anywhere digital code.

The 2.39:1 2160p HEVC/H.265 Ultra HD HDR10 picture, reviewed on a Sony Bravia Z9D 4K Ultra HD HDR display, was photographed digitally using the Arri Alexa LF and Arri Alexa Mini camera systems and sourced from a 4K master Digital Intermediate format. The picture is terrific with a rich and warm color palette that exhibits nuanced hue shadings due to a wide color gamut. Colors are perfectly natural with hues that pop. Fleshtones are natural throughout. Resolution is wonderfully sharp and clear with fine detail throughout in facial features such as skin pores, hair, and beards, as well as clothing and object texture. HDR contrast is terrific with well-balanced luminance levels. Black levels are deep and natural. Shadow delineation is revealing, White levels are natural as well as realistic. The black puppet silhouettes are striking. This is a superb visual presentation that delivers excellent imaging qualities. (Gary Reber)

The Dolby Atmos/Dolby TrueHD 7.1-channel soundtrack is well crafted to terrorize with an aggressively holosonic® presence throughout the soundfield. Sounds are dynamic and supported with a deep bass foundation that energizes the soundtrack with extensions to sub-25 Hz frequencies. Atmospherics are haunting and terrifying in effect. Sound effects are strong and timed to enhance the terror. The music is synthesizer driven with nuanced choral support. The music is expansive and occupies a wide and deep soundstage that extends to the surrounds, for fully aggressive envelopment. Surrounds are directionalized. Dialogue is intelligible and at times directionalized.

The Immersive Sound element is comprised of an aggressive
music score elevated to the height layer, as well as screams, dialogue in the art gallery, various sound effects, girls talking and screaming in a school restroom, the Candyman talking, and other effects. The result is effectively enhanced dimensionality that haunts.

This is an exciting and terrifying soundtrack that delivers the frights. It is a holosonic spherical surround soundtrack experience that will excite home theatre enthusiasts. (Gary Reber)