Losers, The

Featured In Issue 149, July/August/September 2010

WSR Score4.5
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Warner Home Video
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Sequences of intense action and violence, a scene of sensuality and language
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Single Side, Dual Layer (BD-50)
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Not Indicated
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Sylvain White
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Dolby Digital 5.1
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A DC Comic tale of betrayal and revenge, "The Losers" centers around the members of an elite Special Forces unit sent to the Bolivian jungle on a search-and-destroy mission. But the team—Clay (Morgan), Jensen (Evans), Roque (Elba), Pooch (Short) and Coogar (Jaenada)—soon find that they have become the target of a deadly double cross, instigated from the inside by a powerful enemy known only as Max (Patric). Making good use of the fact that they are now presumed dead, the group goes deep undercover in a dangerous plot to clear their names and even the score with Max. They are joined by the mysterious Aisha (Saldana), a beautiful operative with her own agenda, who is more than capable of scoring a few points of her own. Working together, when they're not arguing amongst themselves, they have to stay one step ahead of the globetrotting Max—a ruthless man bent on embroiling the world in a new high-tech global war for his own benefit. If they can take down Max and save the world at the same time, it'll be a win-win for the team now known as "The Losers." Based on the comic book series written by Andy Diggle, illustrated by Jock, and published by DC Comics/Vertigo. (Gary Reber)

Special features include three featurettes: "Zoe And The Losers" (HD 05:41), "Band Of Buddies: OPS Training" (HD 05:41), and "Going Deep Into The Action" (HD 05:50); a deleted scene (HD 0:45); a first look at "Batman: Under The Red Hood" (SD 13:46); BD-Live functionality; and a digital copy of the film.

The 1080p VC-1 picture is hyper-saturated and grungy in this visually exaggerated stylized presentation. The imagery is weighty, with strong hues and shadows that appear blackened and unrevealing. Blacks are inky but lack definition. Details are, at times, masked in rouge-like cover, yet respectable sharpness and clarity are intact. Fleshtones are respectively believable. Dimensionality is generally quite good. The picture is pristine throughout. This is a visually engaging picture that has plenty to be pleased about. This is stylization on steroids. (Gary Reber)

The DTS-HD Master Audio™ 5.1-channel soundtrack is dynamic and pushes SPL to the max. The .1 LFE channel is very active throughout with deep booms, which extend to below 25 Hz. Sound effects and atmospheric effects are aggressively positioned dimensionally in the surround channels, for an engaging holosonic® presence. There is plenty of gunfire, rocket fire, missile detonations, and helicopter sounds rampant in the soundfield, which at times seems endless. The music score is effectively integrated with the sound elements and provides impressive dimensionality across the soundstage, extending to the surrounds. The overall sound is gutsy yet well produced. Dialogue is always intelligible, despite the complex sonics, and spatial integration is reasonably effective. This is a terrific soundtrack that sounds dimensional and dynamic throughout. (Gary Reber)