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Walt Disney Home Entertainment
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Brad Bird
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In Tomorrowland, boy genius Frank (Clooney), optimistic, science-minded teen Casey (Robertson), mysterious Athena (Cassidy) and the brilliant David Nix explore the world of pure Disney imagination. Tomorrowland transports you on an inspiring and magical journey of wonder and adventure to a place where if you can dream it, you can do it. (Gary Reber)

Special features include four featurettes: Remembering The Future: A Personal Journey Through Tomorrowland With Director Brad Bird (HD 07:09), Casting Tomorrowland (HD 07:27), A Great Big Beautiful Scoring Session (HD 06:03), and The World Of Tomorrow Science Hour—Hosted By Futurologist David Nix (HD 05:08); the Animated Short: The Origins Of Plus Ultra (HD 03:26); Brad Bird Production Diaries (HD 04:34); a Blast From The Past commercial (HD 0:41); eight deleted scenes with filmmaker introductions (HD 23:28); four Easter Eggs; upfront previews; and an UltraViolet digital copy.

The 2.20:1 1080p AVC picture, digitally sourced, is terrific, with superb clarity and resolution, whether the imagery is real life or digitally generated. The special visual effects are spectacular throughout. Walker’s cluttered present-day house is an intricate visual treat. The impressive resolution enhances every nuanced detail, down to specs on textured objects. Facial features, hair, clothing, and object texture are impeccably rendered. Color fidelity is excellent, with realistically accurate hues that appear perfectly natural throughout. The color palette exhibits cool hues when in the future, warm hues in the 1960s, and neutrally natural in the present day. Colors often pop, with an impressive richness and warmth. Contrast is also excellent with deep, solid blacks and revealing shadow delineation. Spatial dimension is excellent as well, with a good sense of depth. This is a spectacularly visual experience, with excellent color fidelity and pristine resolution throughout and delivers a truly reference-quality picture. (Gary Reber)

The DTS-HD Master Audio™ 7.1-channel soundtrack is dynamically active throughout, with terrific atmospherics and sound effects that enhance the sense of soundfield dimensionality with sounds that zip and zoom in every seeming direction. The added two surrounds enhance the sense of soundfield magnitude. The .1 LFE channel adds intensity and weight to the effects, at times to sub-25 Hz extensions, which enhances the dynamic characteristic of the soundtrack. Gunfire sounds intense and is directional. Michael Giacchino’s orchestral score is dynamic and sweeping in its soundstage presentation, which extends aggressively to the surrounds. Inter-channel separation is well defined in the placement of the instruments, for an impressive immersive experience. Dialogue is always intelligible and well integrated spatially. This is a reference-quality holosonic® soundtrack that never fails to deliver a dynamic and enveloping experience. (Gary Reber)