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Universal Studios Home Entertainment
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Angelina Jolie
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Unbroken chronicles the unbelievable true story about triumph over tribulation and the resilient power of the human spirit. This is the story of Louis Zamperini (O’Connell), a working-class kid from Torrance, California, who transformed himself from juvenile delinquent to a 1936 Olympian by channeling his defiant energy into a shocking talent for running. Louis's unfaltering determination and ferocious will then carried him through monumental tribulations during his military service, and he became a true American hero. (Gary Reber)

Special features include 10 deleted scenes (HD 15:44); four featurettes: Inside Unbroken (HD 27:23) in three segments, Cast And Crew Concert Featuring Miyavi (HD 07:42), Prison Camp Theater: Cinderella (HD 06:29), and Louis' Path To Forgiveness (HD 06:43); The Real Louis Zamperini interview (HD 29:47); upfront previews, and an UltraViolet digital copy.

The 2.40:1 1080p AVC picture was photographed digitally with the Arri Alexa XT M camera system. The imagery is gorgeous, with a warm and rich color palette that exhibits perfectly natural hues. Every scene appears real, no doubt due to Roger Deakins' spectacular cinematography, with no colors exaggerated, such as the skies and the ocean, or the destitute prison camps. The imagery is epic in scale, as well as being sharp and clear throughout. Fleshtones are naturally rendered and flawlessly realistic. Contrast is excellent, with deep blacks and revealing shadow delineation. The wintery snow scenes are effectively chilling, with realistic snow-white highlights. Resolution is superb, with fine detail exhibited in facial features, hair, clothing, and object texture. This a splendidly executed cinematic picture experience that exhibits natural imagery, rich and warm colors, deep blacks, and superb cinematography. (Gary Reber)

The Dolby® Atmos, 7.1 Dolby TrueHD-compatible soundtrack is dynamically and spacially dimensional, with effective use of the added height channels to the 7.1-channel horizontal bed, which is aggressively directionalized, particularly during the air battle scenes. While the in-air bomber versus fighter battles take place in the sky, the height sensation is felt, even though the perspective is at the plane level. Still, height sonics are effectively engaging, especially the end fly-over segment. The four surround channels get a work out with aggressive directionality and intense energy. Deep bass extension to sub 25 Hz frequencies is powerful yet natural sounding. The prison camp scenes provide more nuance and subtle atmospherics and sound effects, as well as the jungle transition scenes with intense rainfall falling from the sky and hitting the foliage. The orchestral music score is wonderful, with nuanced instrumentation that at times sounds of another dimension. The music spreads wide and deep across the soundfield with an aggressive extension into the surround channels. Dialogue is clear and intelligible throughout, with excellent spatial integration. The Japanese is not subtitle, which adds to the realism as one is placed in the same position as the prisoners. This is an incredible soundtrack with nuanced atmospherics and sound effects that elicit a holosonic® soundfield that projects frightening war-time realism. (Tricia Spears)