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WSR Detailed DVD Review
Rocky Horror Picture Show, The

Genre: Comedy

Reviewed In Issue 43 (Nov 2000) Of Widescreen Review®

Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon, Barry Bostwick, Richard O

WSR Review Scores
WSR Picture Rating: 4
DD Sound Rating: 3.5
DTS Sound Rating: NA
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Critics' Composite Score: NA
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Special Features
In the past, I

 DVD General Information

(Studio/Distributor): 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
(Catalog Number): 2000574
(MPAA Rating): R
(Rating Reason):

(Retail Price): $29.98
(DVD Type): Disc 1: DVD-9/Disc 2: DVD-9
(Widescreen Edition): Yes
(Full Screen Edition): No
(Anamorphic Widescreen): Yes
(Running Time In Minutes): Varies
(Color Type): Color
(Chaptered/Scene Access): Yes
(Closed Captioned): Yes
(Regional Coding): 1
(Theatrical Year): 1975
(Theatrical Release): Yes
(Direct-To-Video Release): No
(DVD Release Date): 10/03/00
(THX® Digitally Mastered): Yes

 Credits Information

(Director): Jim Sharman
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(Visual Effects): Subscribe Now!
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  DVD Picture Information

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  DVD Sound Information

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  WSR Narrative Review
Story Synopsis:
The Rocky Horror Picture Show is an unforgettable contemporary musical that has become a solid cult classic. It tells the story of Janet (Sarandon) and Brad (Bostwick), who become stranded and seek shelter in a gothic mansion full of kinky characters, including the transvestite scientist Dr. Frank N. Furter (Curry). Famous for its midnight screenings, The Rocky Horror Picture Show inspired loyal fans to memorize the script, dress as their favorite characters, sing along with the songs and bring props like squirt guns, toilet paper, and rice. (Laurie Sevano)

DVD Picture:
The anamorphically enhanced, windowboxed 1.66:1 DVD looks great compared to the LaserDisc reviewed in Issue 18. Images are finely detailed, though some scenes are a bit soft. Details from the extravagant costumes to the gloss on Tim Curry

The Dolby

This Disc Contains The Following WSR-Rated Superb Qualities:
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  WSR DVD-ROM Review
DVD-ROM Enhancements Rating:

DVD-ROM Review:
The same PCFriendly installation is used for this two-disc title, which only uses the first disc for its DVD-ROM features. From the nicely animated main menu you are given five links to the areas DVD-ROM Extras, Activities, Cast and Crew, Weblinks, and Play Movie. After entering the DVD-ROM Extras section, you are given four new links: Rocky Horror Picture Show Timeline, Participation 101, Jukebox, and Screen Saver. The timeline is a great little Flash application highlighting key dates in Rocky Horror Picture Show's history. In Participation 101 you can learn what you are supposed to say during certain scenes, and also props you should have when watching the movie. This is definitely a section that should be checked out by those new to the film. The next item in this section, Jukebox, is my favorite part of the DVD-ROM components. You are given links to 16 different scenes, presented in a jukebox, sending you to the different songs in the film. The screen saver is a simple one, containing a picture of the house and random quotes from the movie. Two games can be found in the Activities section, you can find two games. The first, Masochistic Trivia Challenge, is well presented, but only asks one question at a time. The good part about this is you only answer as many as you want. The bad part is it really never ends, from what I can tell. After answering about 20 questions correctly in a row, I still did not get a prize and ended up quitting. Riff Raff's Story Lab is a game very similar to the popular Mad Libs games available. It goes through asking you for words, and then puts those words into a paragraph making a story. It is a little bit difficult to understand how to work the machine, but after going through the Help section, it becomes clearer. You can type any word you would like in the box, or select from the pictures and words they give you. When the word of your choice comes up, just click the lever to the right to select the word. Biographies of 10 of the main cast and the director and producer can be found in the Cast and Crew section. This section also has great Flash artwork, with a wonderful way of picking the cast members. There are pictures of the cast in their costumes with a spotlight that follows your mouse to select the person. The actual biographies just tell the movies each person has been in, and five pictures from the movie for each. Links to five Web sites can be found in the Weblinks section. These links are not very exciting, just a few for Fox Movies, and a couple more related to the movie. When playing the movie from the PCFriendly software, it brings up a new page with something never before seen in a PCFriendly release. You can watch the movie in a window, similar to the way they do the scripts, with a way of watching it full screen as well. I really like this title's features. Everything is really well prepared, and the Flash is really well done. The biographies are very limited, but I really can not complain about this title. One of the best presentations available today. (Danny Richelieu)