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WSR Detailed DVD Review
A.I. Artificial Intelligence
Genre: Science Fiction

Reviewed In Issue 58 (Mar 2002) Of Widescreen Review®

Haley Joel Osment, Jude Law, Frances O

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WSR Picture Rating: NR
DD Sound Rating: NR
DTS Sound Rating: NR
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Critics' Composite Score: 3.5
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Along with the arrival of Steven Spielberg

 DVD General Information

(Studio/Distributor): DreamWorks Home Entertainment
(Catalog Number): 89567
(MPAA Rating): PG13
(Rating Reason):

Some sexual content and violent images
(Retail Price): $29.99
(DVD Type): DVD-9 x2
(Widescreen Edition): Yes
(Full Screen Edition): No
(Anamorphic Widescreen): Yes
(Running Time In Minutes): 146
(Color Type): Color
(Chaptered/Scene Access): Yes
(Closed Captioned): No
(Regional Coding): 1
(Theatrical Year): 2001
(Theatrical Release): Yes
(Direct-To-Video Release): No
(DVD Release Date): 03/05/02
(THX® Digitally Mastered): No

 Credits Information

(Director): Steven Spielberg
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  DVD Sound Information

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  WSR Narrative Review
Story Synopsis:
In a future world of runaway global warming and awe-inspiring scientific advances, humans share their lives with sophisticated companion robots known as Mechas. But when an advanced prototype robot child named David (Osment) is equipped with the artificial intelligence to show unconditional love, his human family (Robards and O

DVD Picture:
The anamorphically enhanced 1.78:1 DVD picture exhibits images that are artistically stylized with lots of hazy, blown-out whites to give the picture a dreamy appearance (some may liken the look of the picture to certain films by Stanley Kubrick, who had originally planned to direct this movie). For stylization, cinematographer Janusz Kaminski often used smoke to help soften the picture and brighten the colors. The ENR silver-retention process was also used to increase contrast and give highlights more luminance. The color scheme is quite impressive, with vibrant hues, natural fleshtones, and deep, pure blacks. Typically, modern film transfers use an interpositive (IP) as the source element. With

The soundtrack production, led by sound designer Gary Rydstrom and the team at Skywalker Sound, is certainly remarkable in the sense of creating ambient, sonically-appropriate settings that serve to both immerse and tell the story through the selective combination of soundtrack elements and sound design. As probably would be expected, substantial portions of the audio, particularly with the A.I. subject David living with the Swintons, are of a rather quiescent nature, and appropriately so given the subtle, yet dramatic on-screen action. The visuals often do figure most prominently, so it would be quite appropriate, on an artistic level, to ensure that sound is engaged to reinforce what is seen on-screen, without drawing excessive attention to itself. When David is forced out of his adopted home, the subsequent settings do result in dramatically increased spatial presence, particularly with the torture spectacle of the

This Disc Contains The Following WSR-Rated Superb Qualities:
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