August 18, 2011
Digital Projection Launches the Ultimate Single-chip 3D Projector at CEDIA Expo 2011

By Gary Reber

Digital Projection International (DPI), an Emmy® Award-winning manufacturer of high-performance projection systems, announces the dVision 35-1080p 3D, a dual lamp, single-chip DLP®

3D projector uniquely adaptable to both 2D and 3D applications.  Equally capable of active and passive 3D, the 4,500 lumen dVision 3D delivers the most flexible, performance-driven single-chip 2D and 3D precision projector available today.  Equally important are the oversized, precision optics that give the dVision 35-1080p 3D extreme installation flexibility, a welcome benefit to systems integrators.


At its core, the dVision 35-1080 3D is a high performance DLP® precision display.  It employs two 300 watt lamps with a user-adjustable iris, allowing optimization of black levels balanced against a maximum light output of 4500 lumens.  High brightness is critical for dynamic 3D viewing, as 3D standards and optics consume the majority of any projector’s native brightness.  Synchronization with 3D glasses can be done either via IR or DLP link.  In addition, for larger audience 3D

applications, the dVision 3D can be outfitted with an optional LCD modulator to be used in tandem with a silver screen and inexpensive passive 3D glasses.  


Many key features separate DPI’s dVision 35-1080p 3D from other products available in the market, but the key differentiator lies in the projector’s remarkable flexibility, uniquely adaptable to both 2D and 3D applications.  Dual lamps, dual color wheels, and a unique X-port architecture make upgrading input cards a simple process.  State of the art electronics allow the dVision 35-1080p 3D to accept multiple 3D formats and output at a full 1920 X 1080 pixels at up to 120Hz.  Furthermore, the projector is easily optimized for 2D or 3D viewing in a variety of room lighting conditions.  Combine all these features with 7 lens options and easy ceiling or table mounting and the dVision 35-1080p 3D becomes the most flexible and capable,

mid-priced projector in the market. 


DPI entered the 3D display market over four years ago, initially concentrating on elite home theaters and extreme visualization applications, via their award-winning TITAN 1080p-3D models.  Last year saw DPI launch the M-Vision Cine 3D product line, which introduced a native 1080p, single-chip 3D display to home cinemas for a fraction of the cost of the 3-chip TITAN 3D.  The introduction of the dVision 35-1080p 3D advances this expansion further, as DPI now offers three distinct 3D product lines, at price points ranging from $16,000 to $80,000+.  Combined with the almost thirty single-chip and 3-chip 3D capable displays already in Digital Projection’s product line, the new dVision 35-1080p 3D continues DPI’s legacy of offering the most capable and diverse 3D products available.


DPI will be demonstrating the new dVision 35-1080p 3D, in addition to numerous other new 2D and 3D precision projectors, throughout a newly-designed 60’ x 60’ booth (#4340) at CEDIA Expo 2011 from September 7 – 10 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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