August 18, 2011
Digital Projection Now Shipping Incredibly Bright, Large-screen Single-Chip 3D Projector

M-Vision Cine 3D entertains with powerful 3D at welcoming price

By Gary Reber

Digital Projection International (DPI), an Emmy® Award-winning manufacturer of high-performance projection systems, announces the immediate availability of the active-3D enabled, 5,500 lumen

href="">M-Vision Cine 3D. With over four years of experience manufacturing, distributing and supporting powerful 3D projectors, DPI is now shipping this incredibly bright single-chip 3D solution.  Equipped with the same DLP® DarkChip technology featured in DPI’s 3-chip 3D product line, the M-Vision Cine 3D delivers immersive 3D imagery for screens up to 14’ wide, as well as powerfully bright 2D imagery for screens up to 20’ wide.  The M-Vision Cine 3D is priced between $17,995 and $18,495, depending on the lens selected.  Both fixed and zoom lens options are available for the M-Vision Cine 3D, allowing for expanded installation flexibility. 


Brightness is an

essential characteristic when considering a Home Cinema 3D projector purchase due to the fact that the majority of the projector’s native brightness is lost to the very high 3D frame rates and specialized 3D optics, such as glasses. The 5,500 lumen M-Vision Cine 3D provides more than enough lumens to overcome the brightness that is consumed by the 3D technologies, and thus thrives in large-screen dedicated theaters, as well as in home venues with some ambient light, such as media rooms with smaller screen sizes. The compact and quiet Cine chassis, 1080p resolution, broad source connectivity and straightforward user interface make the M-Vision Cine 3D an ideal projector solution for home entertainment enthusiasts desiring exceptional 2D and 3D imagery with dynamic brightness, contrast and color performance.  Augmenting these benefits are the overall efficiency and long-life of the lamp system, enabling this new platform to produce beautiful 2D and 3D imagery while consuming very low power and producing very little heat.


Previously, large-screen 3D experiences in the home were reserved for the most elite home theaters using DPI’s award-winning TITAN Reference 1080p-3D models.  Serving as a compliment to the existing TITAN 3D product line, the M-Vision Cine 3D introduces a native 1080p, single-chip 3D display to home cinemas for a fraction of the cost.  Enthusiasts can now experience flicker-free 3D at a full 120 frames per second while benefitting from the exceptional value of the M-Vision Cine 3D.  Combined with the almost thirty single-chip and 3-chip 3D capable displays already in Digital Projection’s product line, the new M-Vision Cine 3D continues DPI’s legacy of offering the most capable and diverse 3D products available.


Installation is flexible due to the M-Vision Cine 3D’s compact and lightweight chassis design, and extraordinary lens shift range of 30% horizontal and 120% vertical.  Multiple easy-to-change lens options provide further flexibility, with throw ratios ranging from 1.25 to 3.0:1.  There is also a fixed lens which offers a .73:1 throw ratio.  Connectivity includes two HDMI inputs, as well as RGB via D-15, component, composite and S-Video inputs. 


DPI will be demonstrating numerous new 2D and 3D precision projectors throughout a newly-designed 60’ x 60’ booth (#4340) at CEDIA Expo 2011 from September 7 – 10 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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