May 8, 2010

Upgraded Line Offers A/V Enhancements and More Advanced Technologies at Lower Price Points; Ideal Home Entertainment Solutions for Every Consumer Need and Budget

By Gary Reber

Denon Electronics, a premier manufacturer of high-quality home entertainment components celebrating 100 years of innovation and technology leadership in 2010, today announced its new line of advanced audio/video receivers with ten state-of-the-art offerings. The lineup features five new affordable, fully featured priced models in the company’s popular Retail Home Theater Series line, with expected SRP and availability in parenthesis, including the AVR-991 (SRP: $999, July), AVR-891 (SRP: $799, May), AVR-791 (SRP: $499, May), AVR-591 (SRP: $349, May) and the AVR-391 (SRP: $249, July).   These join two new, more advanced 7-channel Models, the AVR-1911 (SRP: $599, June), and AVR-1611 (SRP: $399, June). Also announced are Denon’s three new “CI-class” receivers (see separate release) geared toward custom integrators, including the AVR-4311CI (SRP: $1,999, Sept.), AVR-3311CI (SRP: $1,199, June), and AVR-2311CI (SRP: $899, June). The new models will join Denon’s AVR-4810CI (SRP: $2,999) and flagship AVR-5308CI (SRP: $5,500) in the company’s renowned line of A/V receivers, as well as the company’s advanced CI separates including the AVP-A1HDCI (SRP: $7,500) 12 Channel A/V Preamplifier and POA-A1HDCI (SRP: $7,500) Fully Balanced Power Amplifier.


Major Enhancements Throughout the Line

Among the significant enhancements made to all new Denon receivers is the inclusion of HDMI v1.4a Repeater Inputs with 3D (all mandated formats), Audio Return Channel and CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) support. All models, except the AVR-391, feature analog-to-HDMI conversion and HD Audio decoding from Dolby and dts, and many feature advanced multi-zone networking capabilities. Simple one-cable HDMI connections add to simplicity of use, and Dolby Pro Logic IIz decoding on all models provides for the enhanced audio experience of front height channels. The new receivers are also engineered throughout to provide consumers with all the features and capabilities they need to enjoy maximum compatibility with today’s home entertainment source components. For example, iPod connectivity is featured in all models throughout the line, with the AVR-1911, AVR-791 and higher models adding iPod Digital Direct via USB, which is also ‘Works with iPhone’ certified.


All models feature an updated easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) or On-Screen Display that make the steps of system setup, operation and displaying other important information much easier for the end user.  Notably, the new models all feature on-screen display (OSD) or GUI overlay via the HDMI connection – eliminating the frustrating necessity of additional cable switching or programming interruptions when making adjustments, such as volume, while watching HD content. Further enhancing ease-of-use, all models feature Source/Quick Select Power On and Quick Select options on the front panel and remote control to give end users one button source, surround mode selection.


In keeping with Denon’s commitment to eco-friendly engineering throughout its product line, the standby power of all new receivers is below 0.1 watts, helping eliminate unnecessary power usage.


Denon A/V Receivers: The Culmination of 100 Years of Innovation

The audio/video receiver is at the heart of Denon’s ongoing mission to enhance and expand the home entertainment experience for discriminating consumers. Noted Phil Cohn, the company’s Sr. Vice President, Sales & Marketing: “Denon’s 100-year legacy has been distinguished by breakthrough technological innovation at virtually every stage of the evolution of home entertainment, particularly in our advanced audio/video receivers. This year's product line expresses our expertise and drive for innovation, giving people new ways to experience their entertainment, from a dramatically enhanced surround sound experience to interactive web access, multi-zone networking and more. Importantly, our receivers also give content creators inspiring ways to reach audiences with their artistic creations as they were intended to be experienced, including music, movies, games and more.”


New Retail Home Theater Series Models: High-Value, High-Performance

Denon’s Retail Home Theater Series line for 2010 provides discriminating consumers with a host of upgraded features and capabilities at affordable prices. The line now features three 7-channel models (AVR-791, AVR-891, AVR-991), as well as two 5-channel models  (AVR-591, AVR-391). All five offer many of the same high-quality features and capabilities that distinguish Denon receivers in the marketplace, including some of those found in the company’s CI models. Notably, the AVR-991 features Audyssey DSX with Front Height or Width Channels with Sirius Satellite Radio Ready capability, as well as being the least expensive Denon AVR with advanced networking that adds an RJ-45 Ethernet Port for third-party controllers, Mac/PC audio streaming, Internet Radio, Pandora, Flickr, a Web browser function and more. All models feature 24-bit/192-kHz Analog Devices DACs, and Audyssey Dynamic Volume, Audyssey Dynamic EQ and Audyssey MultEQ.  All include analog-to-HDMI video conversion, while AVR-791 and higher feature 12-bit video processing and scaling from Anchor Bay Technologies (ABT).


Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio decoding in the new Retail Home Theater Series models allow for stunning delivery of today’s most advanced high-definition audio programming. Model AVR-991 features Anchor Bay Technologies advanced video deinterlacing and upscaling, converting SD sources to HD.  And thanks to the dedicated Denon iPod dock accessory control port on all models, users may connect and control their iPod/iPod Touch or iPhone using one of Denon’s available iPod/iPhone docks, which provides on-screen artist, album and song information. 


AVR-1911 and AVR-1611: Multi-Zone Functionality, HD Radio and More

Denon’s AVR-1911 AVR-1611 7-channel receivers represent the leading edge of today’s revolution in home entertainment system building. Both offer full two-zone A/V distribution capabilities, allowing users to enjoy a movie in full surround sound in the living room while listening to music distributed to a den or bedroom.* The AVR-1911 adds the advanced capability of a built-in HD Radio tuner, as well as iPod Direct Connectivity via USB and the most advanced Anchor Bay Technologies video deinterlacing and upscaling chipset for converting SD sources to HD. 


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