September 14, 2009
Digital Projection Brief Post-CEDIA Update

By Gary Reber

This is a quick wrap-up of the numerous new Digital Projection products at CEDIA  – full wrap-up coming later in the week:
M-Vision Cine LED:
·        600 lumens, 10,000:1 contrast, estimated MSRP $17K – 3-chip color saturation from a single-chip display in limited ambient light venues for a fraction of the cost. Lifetime Illumination™ system with over 60,000 hours of life, plus no color wheel so no related artifacts.

M-Vision Cine 260:
·        2000 lumens, 3000:1 contrast, estimated MSRP $9K – affordable DLP precision display with high-brightness and contrast
for small to medium screens, regardless of ambient light. Perfect display for media rooms, small theatres, or any application needing versatile, bright imagery.

HIGHlite Cine 280:
·        2000 lumens, 12,000:1 contrast, estimated MSRP $35K – 3-chip DLP display for medium to large screens at an incredible price. One of the stars of the CEDIA expo. Wide range of lens shift, numerous lens options, easy to install – all in a sleek, newly designed chassis appropriate for any theatre or media room.

·        Streamlined, elegant enclosure for our TITAN
displays. Acts as sound dampener, cooling management module, aesthetic enclosure and optional anamorphic lens. MSRP estimated at $15,500 with anamorphic lens, $3,200  without. Customized colors available.

TITAN 1080p Dual 3D:
·        Winner of CEDIA’s Manufacturers’ Excellence Awards (the only projector to win a CEDIA award at the show). Used in both commercial and HC applications. The most recognized and award-winning large-venue display delivering precise, immersive 3D experiences in the AV industry.  

The TOTAL 3D Experience System:
·        The
first complete 3D system to break free from television panels, the TOTAL 3D system includes a custom media server (w/integrated 3D-compatible Blu-ray Disc player) for both downloading and storing content, TITAN Reference 1080p 3D display (the same display that won this year’s Manufacturer’s Excellence award), a custom iPod Touch for control, 8 to 12 stereoscopic 3D glasses, 2D to 3D conversion software, and more.  Shipping in approx. 60 days, this is a finished turnkey system that makes 3D immersion in the home a reality. Brought to you by a joint partnership between Digital Projection and Mechdyne, the world leaders in immersive 3D applications.

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