September 9, 2009
DVE Distribution, Inc. And Joe Kane Create The Perfect CRT Projector Replacement - A Joe Kane Endorsed Samsung 1080P DLP Projector With Short Or Long Throw Lens

By Gary Reber

Arguably the finest home theater front projectors available today: the Joe Kane Productions-endorsed reference quality Samsung SP-A800B and SP-A900B 1080P DLP® front projectors, along with DVE's new short and long throw lenses, represent the optimal solution for videophiles interested in upgrading their CRT projection systems.

 Kane is a specialist in getting the best possible video performance out of state-of-the-art projection devices. In the 90's, Kane had helped advance the art of CRT development and calibration providing home theater enthusiasts with some of the best pictures they had seen to date.

Kane recently collaborated with Samsung on the development of the SP-A800B and SP-A900B projectors. Together they created two video projectors that boast unsurpassed progressive high definition image quality.

“Many CRT owners have been waiting for a reference quality progressive HD projection system to come along that is worthy of replacing their lauded CRT system,” says DVE Distribution, Inc. president Jeffrey Goodman. “Our custom made short and long throw lenses in combination with the JKP-endorsed Samsung projectors are the perfect CRT replacement. The two lens options make the projectors versatile enough to fit most any installation application.”

The projector/ short lens combination is a perfect replacement solution for applications where CRT projectors are currently installed, or the projector must be mounted close to the screen due to architectural restraints.

The long throw lens is ideal for placing the projector toward the rear of the installation, a common practice implemented for aesthetic cleanliness in home theater or commercial applications.

The short and long lenses have manufacturers suggested retail pricing of $3,495 and $3,995 respectively. The Samsung SP-A800B and SP-A900B 1080P DLP front projectors and optional throw lenses are available through DVE-appointed sales representative firms in the CEDIA channel. Interested dealers should contact or call toll-free 888.383.9698.

JKP-Endorsed Samsung SP-A800B and SP-A900B DLPR 1080P Projectors

The Samsung SP-A800B and SP-A900B digital projectors use a single chip Texas Instruments DarkChip2 and DarkChip4 1080p optical engine respectively. Both projectors boast an image brightness of 1000 ANSI lumens; a resolution of 1920 x 1080; one of the finest lenses found on any projector; internal signal scaling; 24 frame mode and the capability to nearly perfectly reproduce all three of the world broadcast color standards; HD, SMPTE-C and EBU. The projectors also incorporate two HDMI inputs, plus the standard array of analog inputs. The SP-A900B offers a 35 percent increase in ANSI contrast ratio over the SP-A800B, plus the addition of internal anamorphic processing and a finely adjustable iris control. "With respect to sound emissions, both projectors are ultra quiet," says Goodman.

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